Exciting Announcement

After much deliberation I have decided to open a small café "SCONE". Initially it will be open on Friday afternoons from 12noon until 4pm.

As the name suggests I will be serving home made scones with Jam & cream

I like my tea weak with no milk or sugar, but if that`s not to your taste you can have coffee, full strength or decaffeinated & I will endeavour to supply your favourite tea blend. scones are made freshly every morning and are served with homemade jam, usually blackcurrant. I grow our own blackcurrants, we have 3 large bushes & last year we had a bumper crop of over 20kilos!

Alison & John of Humeston farm, are in the process of opening a farm shop, which I'm intending to use for our dairy products. I like to support my local community, & what they are doing is really exciting. I believe you will be able to watch how your milk gets from the cow to your cup!

You will find yourself seated at the large farmhouse table in the gallery's kitchen the walls support a selection of paintings & prints by resident artist .Roddy McKenzie

In the main gallery the will be selection of original art work, & if Roddy is about (& in a good mood) he will allow you into his studio & you can find out about his current project.

Nothing beats fresh scone with Jam & Cream and a cup of Tea. Why not meet up with a friend at SCONE & debate if it should be jam first then cream, or cream first & topped with Jam! which every you choose...ENJOY!


Cream & Jam