A Beautiful Day

It has been another sunny hot day here at Croy Shore.

I enjoyed time out on my paddleboard tonight. The sea was really calm, allowing me to see the sand seaweed & rocks below. I don`t  go far out to sea. My choice is swimming along the coast, but I always wear my lifejacket even though the water is not very deep. I really don`t understand why everyone is not safety aware? The quick temperature change of falling into cold water....it can be a real temperature change if the sun has been beating on you for some time & you fall into fairly deep water, which is only warm on the surface... can be a real shock to the body sending it into panic mode.  I also wear old leggings & a long-sleeved top, just to protect me from extensive sun exposure.

Lots of local beaches have been bothered with jellyfish, but here at Croy shore we seem to be really lucky, I only saw a couple of dead ones on the sand. Having done some research I learnt that Jelly fish are made up of a high percentage of water, and once out of the water they dehydrate and die. Nature is a wonderful thing. The  incoming tide washes then back into the sea, if they don`t provide food for other marine life, they fall to the seabed. decompose, then reform into another more simplified form of life.

Finishing off with a swim in the sea. I find swimming in the sea is really helpful in de-stressing. Certainly when I was lying on my back looking at the blue sky with the sun warming me I couldn`t have felt any more contented.


My end of swim routine is a shower in my new wet room. I have been using my favourite shampoo & conditioner fromthenaturalspa.co.uk/electricbraegallery

which is vegan friendly  & uses plastic free packaging. I love that my shampoo & conditioner come in solid block form, ensuring no waste. if you use ELECTRICBRAEGALLERY at checkout you will receive a 10% discount

Christine of http://www.soapmatters.net  is my  go to choice for beautiful soap. Christine studied aromatherapy, so her products smell absolutely delicious. She uses natural ingredients with minimal packaging Her soap is simple & natural looking also leaves your skin feeling wonderfully soft.  I think my favourite is the geranium & bergamot.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Like the shampoo & conditioners the soap is hand made, the lovely heart shapes are also cut by hand. Alexa Hope made the soap dish. Tonight I am hoping for a blissful sleep.....zzzzzz.