New Exhibition opening on 2nd June

We are excited to be showing work by local artist Lynn Stenson.


The Opening Event will be held on Friday the 2nd of June, from 6-8pm. Lynn will be here to chat about her work. Where she gets her inspiration & choice of colour palate. The gallery will be open every weekend from 11am - 5pm, or during the week by appointment to see this inspirational work until Sunday 2nd July

A wee bit about Lynn...........

I live in and come from Ayr. I have always been enthralled by anything creative,
textiles, calligraphy, fine art, and floral art, I even love watching videos on fancy gift
I studied Graphic Art at Cumbria College of Art and Design, in the days before
computers took over. Everything was done by hand in those days.
I have a ritual when creating art. I work intuitively. I create abstract backgrounds
using a variety of mediums from acrylics, watercolours and inks to pastel and
collage. I study these pieces for for some time until characters and shapes appear.
My pieces tell a visual story. They take you on a journey of colour, depth and
I love to paint. The whole process from the from the scribbly beginnings, the play
and experimentation to the frustration, the self chastisement, the doubt and
ultimately the realisation that a piece is finished… its done! I need to paint, it’s like
quenching a thirst.
When I was a child I was mesmerised by anything creative, anything hand made. I
would sit and watch Nancy Kominsky on telly with my grandma and for Christmas
one year when I was ten, I was given a wonderful oil painting kit with an instruction
book, colour palate suggestions and the very exciting palate knife. No brushes
used in this technique.
I was born into a fish trade family. My father worked hard as a fish salesman,
during the era where the industry was flourishing in this part of the world. My
mother was gentle, nurturing and beautiful. She loved her garden, the flowers and
shrubs. Much of my inspiration comes from my childhood memories. Home, the
garden, the harbour, fish, the boats, the landscape and the sea.

Lynn always like to write a few words about her paintings. This is what she said about - The Slow Cusp of Night.


"The Slow Cusp of Night"


On the 3rd day of June

With the last rays of light

Gathering moonbeams 

On the slow cusp of night. 


Suspended in time-

Surround and delight,

Gather your treasures

On the slow cusp of night


Nightfall approaching,

Let not darkness bite.

Keep gathering moonbeams 

On the slow cusp of night. 






The feeling behind this painting is, “time.” To do what you want to do while you can - make hay while the sun shines- sort of thing 🤔

I for one have always postponed and procrastinated, thinking there’s plenty of time for that…. All of a sudden you look round, your kids have grown up, left home and you are no longer needed. The things you were always going to get round to are not relevant any more. It’s probably a bad case of empty nest syndrome 😂 anyway life changes and other things take precedence. It’s a message to keep looking for what’s special to you even if it’s not what you once desired.

Does that make sense??  Lynn

Roddy & I  look forward to your visit to the gallery to see this exciting show. Ali.






   Exciting Announcement

After much deliberation I have decided to open a small café "SCONE". Initially it will be open on Friday afternoons from 12noon until 4pm.

As the name suggests I will be serving home made scones with Jam & cream

I like my tea weak with no milk or sugar, but if that`s not to your taste you can have coffee, full strength or decaffeinated & I will endeavour to supply your favourite tea blend. scones are made freshly every morning and are served with homemade jam, usually blackcurrant. I grow our own blackcurrants, we have 3 large bushes & last year we had a bumper crop of over 20kilos!

Alison & John of Humeston farm, are in the process of opening a farm shop, which I'm intending to use for our dairy products. I like to support my local community, & what they are doing is really exciting. I believe you will be able to watch how your milk gets from the cow to your cup!

You will find yourself seated at the large farmhouse table in the gallery's kitchen the walls support a selection of paintings & prints by resident artist .Roddy McKenzie

In the main gallery the will be selection of original art work, & if Roddy is about (& in a good mood) he will allow you into his studio & you can find out about his current project.

Nothing beats fresh scone with Jam & Cream and a cup of Tea. Why not meet up with a friend at SCONE & debate if it should be jam first then cream, or cream first & topped with Jam! which every you choose...ENJOY!


Cream & Jam

Old Bridge Street Studios

Old Bridge Street Studios

A New CIC has opened in Ayr. Old Bridge Street Studios, with artists Roddy McKenzie, Allan McNally, Wendy Bibby and  Ferrero Rossi The studio exhibits works from the artists but looks forward to having works from visiting artists on display. The studio will be open Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays 12noon – 4pm when one of the artists will be available to talk about the exhibition. You can find Old bridge Street Studios at 13 Old Bridge Street Ayr, on the first floor.  The artists all have their own studios which you can arrange to visit & speak with them about their particular work, you can also learn how they are inspired & have an opportunity to see them create.

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